How stable is our financial system?

Friday, 24.11.2023
from 14:00 to 15:30

The economic and financial environment is undergoing massive change: the economy is still struggling to take off, inflation is high and interest rates have risen sharply and swiftly. At the same time, society and the economy have to tackle huge challenges posed by climate change, digitalisation and geopolitical risks. Are banks and the financial system in Germany resilient enough to keep performing their societal functions in this setting? Why are stable banks and a functioning financial system so important anyway? And how can stability be ensured going forward? Together, we will discuss these and other questions – so secure your place and register now!

Raum Apollon
with Claudia Buch (Vice-President of the Bundesbank)
Claudia Buch ©Gaby Gerster
Claudia Buch, Vice-President of the Deutsche Bundesbank