Break & three get-togethers

Friday, 24.11.2023
from 17:30 to 19:00

#Meetup 1
Work that matters

At the Bundesbank, many employees work in a wide range of tasks, many of them in the European environment. Which projects are we currently working on? How can you participate? What are the opportunities for entry at the Bundesbank and what are the conditions for doing so? Employees from recruitment, Timo Schumacher and former Trainees, would like to talk to you and show you what it is like to work with us.


#Meetup 2
Diversity@Bundesbank: Together for diversity

Not only does the Bundesbank value economic expertise – it also embraces the diverse perspectives and experiences of its employees. During our get-together sessions, we will take a joint look at the importance of diversity in the working environment at the Bundesbank. What’s important when it comes to diversity in the workplace? How does the Bundesbank embody diversity? We would like to discuss these questions and a few others with you.

We can’t wait to hear your ideas and explore your input!


#Meetup 3
Fancy watching a VR film? Delve into the world of the central bank

Bundesbank's gold exhibition room ©Nils Thies
Come and take a peek into places you wouldn’t normally see!

The five-minute VR film starts with a glimpse into President Joachim Nagel’s office. Next, you’ll take a short trip to the ECB Governing Council’s meeting room in the ECB building to the east of Frankfurt before visiting the gold vault at the Bundesbank’s Central Office in Ginnheim. To finish off, there’s a spectacular drone flight over Frankfurt. Come along and make yourself comfortable.

Room Nike and Hermes (Get-togethers)
Timo Schumacher ©Privat
#Meetup 1: Timo Schumacher, Member of the team for recruiting junior talent
Sandra Stahl-Bock ©Björn Hänssler
Sandra Stahl-Bock, Functional Lead of the Diversity and Inclusion team
Finn Schafhausen ©Björn Hänssler
Finn Schafhausen, Member of the Diversity and Inclusion team