1 euro – 1,000 ways to pay

Friday, 24.11.2023
from 14:00 to 15:30

Cash, card or crypto; national, European or international means of payment: we have a hugely diverse range of payment options to choose from.

How do you prefer to pay – and what bugs you the most when making a payment? Do we perhaps need totally new ways to pay and could the digital euro be the payment medium of the future in the euro area? These are the questions that Bundesbank experts Julien Novotny and Nils Gerhardt would like to discuss with you. Our goal: help us build the payment medium of the future!

Room Nike
with Nils Gerhardt (Bundesbank) und Julien Novotny (Bundesbank)
Nils Gerhardt ©Nils Thies
Nils Gerhardt, Payments Expert (Cash)
Julien Novotny ©Nils Thies
Julien Novotny, Payments Expert (Cashless payments)