Digital euro and eKrona: What do they have in common and what are their differences? (in English only)

Freitag, 13.05.2022
von 15:00 Uhr bis 16:30 Uhr

In the euro area as well as in Sweden, projects on a central bank digital currency are in the pipeline: the digital euro and the eKrona. We would like to present the state of play of each project and explore with you what both digital currencies have in common and where there might be differences. We want to discuss central banks’ thinking behind the issuance of digital currencies, the possible features and properties of these currencies, and their potential uses. Furthermore, we want to look at the possible benefits and risks associated with their introduction.

mit Alexandra Thomé (Bundesbank), Alexander Merkel (Bundesbank) und David Lööv (Sveriges Riksbank)
Alexandra Thomé
Alexandra Thomé, Digitalisation in Payments bei der Bundesbank
Alexander Merkel
Alexander Merkel, Digitalisation in Payments bei der Bundesbank
David Lööv
David Lööv, Economist, E-Krona Division bei der Riksbank