One climate, many views, tell us yours

Dienstag, 01.12.2020
von 17:00 Uhr bis 18:30 Uhr

Climate change affects all of us – including the work of central banks. The challenges ahead of us are enormous and truly global. Addressing them requires creative, new approaches and, crucially, a joint effort and international cooperation. Executive board member Sabine Mauderer is joined by three green finance experts from European central banks to discuss with you the role central banks should play in the fight against climate change. Can monetary policy and the financial sector change the climate? What are the risks and opportunities that lie ahead of us? There is only one climate, but many views on how to tackle climate change – take part to tell us yours!

Vorstandsmitglied - Dr. Sabine Mauderer

Sabine Mauderer 
Executive board member 
with our executive board member Sabine Mauderer, also with Benjamin Bonnin, Head of Responsible Investment at the Banque de France, Gábor Gyura, Head of Sustainable Finance Department at the Central Bank of Hungary and Liliana Jerónimo, Head of Markets Analysis Division at the Banco de Portugal , moderated by Louis Klamroth
Vorstandsmitglied - Dr. Sabine Mauderer